PIXILAB Moments® is a cloud-based service for conferences and other events where people get together to listen, discuss or collaborate, or just to have fun. Use Moments to engage your participants by connecting them to what's happening on stage using their mobile phones.

Moments Overview

Start by watching this Moments Overview video.

Moments Management

Learn more about how to manage Moments in this introductory video.


Get the full details by reading the following documents.

  • Overview walks you through the management interface in more detail. It discusses how to add displays and moments, and some common moment settings.
  • Audience Moment shows off your participants as they join in.
  • Post Moment creates your own Instagram- and/or Twitter-like channel for participants to submit pictures, questions or comments.
  • Poll Moment asks a simple question, showing the replies graphically as they come in.
  • Lottery Moment picks a random participant in a fun way.
  • Quiz Moment runs through fast-paced questions and answers, while keeping score on the big screen.
  • Survey Moment to collect structured feedback and opinions from your audience.

Technical Notes

Miscellaneous technical notes, discussing various application aspects of Moments.