Downloads, Installation and Updates

:!: IMPORTANT PIXILAB Blocks is licensed software. By downloading PIXILAB Blocks you agree to be bound by its license agreement. In order to use Blocks, you must also purchase a license. A Blocks license can be provided as a USB "dongle" or it can be cloud-based (requires internet access). The program will not start without a valid license.

Find download links for PIXILAB Blocks below for supported operating systems. The current version is indicated on the release notes page.


This option is supported and recommended for content production and custom development.

Install Blocks server on MacOS


This option is supported and recommended for content production and custom development.

Install Blocks server on Windows PC


This option is the recommended and supported platform to run Blocks server in an production environment.

Install, configure and maintain standalone Blocks server running on Linux

Use in Virtualized Environments

Blocks server software can run in many virtualized environments, making it easier for IT departments to maintain and manage.

:!: These advanced installation methods are unsupported and assume that you're comfortable in a terminal window. If not, use one of the supported methods descibed above for installing Blocks.

Virtualized Server Image

For advanced environments there is an unsupported installation script you can use as a starting point for installing Blocks server software. If required, we can provide installation support for such environment as a service.

Net blocks installation

Finally, if you prefer using Docker rather than a full-blown virtual environment, this article describes how to do so.


Newer version of Blocks are released from time to time. To update your Mac/Windows version, simply download the latest version above and re-install.

The latest Blocks Server for Linux

How to update Blocks version on Linux server

:!: Some advanced features, such as the Synchronizer and the Locator, may require updates to your Blocks license. If you're unsure whether you need such an update, please contact before upgrading.

See the release notes for details, as well as relevant posts on our forum. If you're not yet a forum member, just register here and we'll be happy to welcome you on board.

Server Configuration File

Some fundamental settings of the Blocks server are controlled through a configuration file. This includes things such as which port number the server listens to, where its data files are located, etc.