Installing Blocks on MacOS

If you’re installing Blocks for the first time on this computer, you first need to install the license key software. When upgrading Blocks from an older version, you may already have this software installed, in which case you can skip this step and proceed to Starting Blocks below.

Installing the license key software

Double-click the CmInstall.pkg file and follow the on screen instructions.

Once installation is complete, you may need to restart your computer.

Installing Google Chrome or Chromium

Some functions in Blocks require Google Chrome (or its open-source Chromium sibling) to be installed on the computer you use as your Blocks server. Notably, the generation of thumbnails for some block types will fail if not available. So before starting Blocks, install either of these web browsers into your Applications folder.

:!: NOTE: You don't need to use Chrome/Chromium to access Blocks, and may continue to use Safari or other browser of your liking.

Starting Blocks

Connect the USB license key or apply any cloud-based license credentials. Then locate the “PIXILAB Blocks” application in your Applications folder and double-click it. Once Blocks has started, click the “Admin” button in the PIXILAB Blocks window to open a web browser to access Blocks. The default user name is admin and the password is pixi.

:!: Remember to change the admin user’s password before making Blocks accessible to others.