Installing Blocks on MacOS

Recent versions of MacOS have added safety measures making it harder to install programs downloaded by other means than from Apple's app store. Follow these instructions to download and install Blocks on MacOS.


  • Download PIXILAB_Blocks.dmg, then double-click the PIXILAB_Blocks.dmg file to open it.
  • Drag the “PIXILAB Blocks” application to your Applications folder, but do not start it just yet.

If you’re installing Blocks for the first time on this computer, you first need to install the license key software. When upgrading Blocks from an older version, you may already have this software installed, in which case you can skip this step and proceed to Starting Blocks below.

Installing the license key software

Double-click the CmInstall.pkg file.

Follow the on screen instructions, choosing the following components.

MacOS may show a "System Extension Blocked" message.

If so, click "Open Security Preferences". Once the "Security & Privacy" window appears, click the padlock in lower left hand corner to unlock the settings, then click “Allow” to allow software from “WIBU-SYSTEMS AG”.

Once installation is complete, you must restart your computer.

Starting Blocks for the First Time

Connect the USB license key or apply your cloud-based license credentials. Then locate the “PIXILAB Blocks” application in your Applications folder and click it while holding down the Control key to open the context menu. Select Open on this menu.

If this is the first time you start blocks since you downloaded it, a warning message will be shown.

Click the "Open" button to confirm you’re OK with starting this application. This procedure only needs to be done the first time you start Blocks. Subsequently, you can open it normally by double-clicking the application icon, or by placing it in the dock.

If the USB license key isn’t recognized, open the CodeMeter application found in your Applications folder and choose Refresh on the View menu, making the license key appear in the list.

Once Blocks has started, click the “Admin” button in the PIXILAB Blocks window to open a web browser to access Blocks. The default user name is admin and the password is pixi.

:!: Remember to change the admin user’s password before making Blocks accessible to others.