Linux based standalone Server

For Linux, there's a complete server image, including the operating system, ready to install and run on most PC-style computers. Follow the steps below to provision a new server.

1. Download

Download the server OS image version 221214 for Linux

:!: Windows may not be able to unpack large ZIP files using its built-in functionality. If so, download 7-Zip or WinZip, and use that program to unzip the image file instead.

2. Install the image to a new computer.

3. First start configuration

4. Update to most recent Blocks server version

Configure optional server features

The server can in addition to Blocks server run optional services, administrative tools and servers such as remote access, DHCP-server, DNS-server and MQTT broker.

Advanced server configuration

Remote Management

In case you need to manage your Blocks server remotely, over the internet or on the local network there are some options.


We have preinstalled the excellent Anydesk software as part of our server image. Anydesk is a handy remote access program, similar to VNC and TeamViewer, and allows you to

  • Access the desktop of the server, seeing what a local user sees.
  • Connect to the remote Blocks server using a web browser.
  • Access the file system of the remote Blocks server, either through Anydesk's file browser or by directly by accessing the Blocks server's SMB file sharing feature from your laptop.

Learn more about how to use Anydesk for managing a remote Blocks server here.

Remote Management using SSH

If you prefer (or have to use) a command line for managing Blocks, here's a guide as well as a video showing you how to do this. SSH is a terminal command available on all major operating systems, allowing you to log in to a remote computer, execute commands, copy files back and forth, etc, all using a secure and encrypted connection.

Guide for remote management using SSH


A browser interface to manage a server over the local network using the server management tool Webmin.

Introducing webmin.

Desktop sharing (VNC)

Another option to access the desktop over the local network.

Server Desktop Sharing

Maintain the server

To keep the server healthy and secure it is important to perform regular maintenance of both hardware and software.

Update Blocks Server

Download the latest Blocks version for Linux

then proceed as described here to update your Linux-based server:

How to update Blocks version on Linux server

Maintain the OS

Networking and Security