Video resources

Get to know Blocks and learn all the basics from our video collection.

System introduction

The Blocks overview

A short introduction of a Blocks system anatomy.

The concept of blocks and spots

Get an understanding of how blocks and spots relates to content, display devices and visitors mobile devices.

Get started

A good start in getting to know Blocks from scratch. This video series contains about the same information as the online basic training.

The basic block types

The specialized block types and controls


Blocks feature concepts

This video section has content explaining some of the more advanced concept features of Blocks.

Blocks concepts

Video tutorials

The tutorial section contains tips and tricks as well as examples how to use some of the blocks features.

Video tutorials

Security, block protection and templates

Videos covering user permissions, block protection and templates.

Security, protection and templates

Pixilab Player

PIXILAB Player is free software for driving your displays. The latest version supports numerous new handy features, such multi-head output, multi-channel audio, remote configuration from within Blocks, power management and network booting (PXE).

Pixilab player