Video resources

Get to know Blocks and learn all the basics from our video collection.


What is Blocks?

A short introduction to what Blocks is, and how a system is typically put together.

What are Blocks and Spots?

How the concept of Blocks and Spots relate to media content, display devices and mobile phones.

Getting Started

Start here if you're learning about Blocks from scratch. These videos discuss roughly the same aspects as our basic online training.

Some Application Areas

Overview of some more advanced application areas such as connecting external databases, location awareness for guide applications and how to create personal visitor experiences based om visitor data collection.

Application Area Examples

Blocks in Depth

A series of videos based on what used to be our "Advanced" online training program.

Blocks in Depth

Tips and Tricks

Tips, tricks and examples on how to use some interesting features.

Tips and Tricks


PIXILAB Player is free software for driving your displays. The latest version supports numerous new handy features, such multi-head output, multi-channel audio, remote configuration from within Blocks, power management and network booting (PXE).