Partial Password Protection

This application note describes how to apply simple front-end password protection to a part of a user interface design. This is sometimes useful when you have a panel where some aspects should be publicly accessible and a sub-area should be accessible only to users that know a secret password.

Take a look at this video to see an example of what you can do with this method, and to learn more about how it's done.


To try out this on your own, start with the general setup guide to recreate this application using this Blocks root. Then do as follows:

  1. Start Blocks.
  2. Use a separate, local browser window or a mobile device on the same network.
  3. Go to localhost:8080/spot/index.ftl?mobile=Mob1 from a local browser window on the same computer running Blocks.
  4. If you're accessing it from a mobile device or other computer, replace localhost in the previous point with the IP address of the Blocks server.
  5. Navigate using the buttons along the bottom until you reach the password projected page.
  6. Type the password Qwe into the text field to reveal the "secret" area.

:!: If step 3 above fails, your server may use another port number than 8080. The correct port number is shown in the URL bar of the editor window accessed through the Admin button in the Blocks window.