General setup application notes

Blocks application notes make it easy to try out features, hone your Blocks skills and learn best practice. Follow these general steps to use most application notes:

  1. Download a .zip file containing the application note files.
  2. Unzip it to a directory of your choice.
  3. Stop Blocks if it is running.
  4. Make sure you have a file named PIXILAB-Blocks-config.yml in your home directory, containing your preferred Blocks settings, as described here.
  5. Locate or create a root entry in that configuration file, specifying the path to the application note directory unzipped in step 2 above, as described here.
  6. Start Blocks.

:!: If you don't already have a configuration file in your home directory, you can download this generic configuration file.

To open a display spot in your own browser with a server running on the same computer, use the standard Blocks spot url:


If you need more that one display spot, a queryparameter can be addad to the URL like this:


You can add several displays in this way. Make sure all the browser windows uses unique URLs, else the display spot will misbehave. An indication that duplicates exist is if the green connection status indicator of the display spot flashes in the editor.

Replace localhost:8080 with your server IP or domain name if the server is located on the network.

It is likely that any defined diplay spots in the examples has to be reassigned to your browser windows. Do so by double click the Display Spot in the editor and select your spot's ID under "Re-assign to Display Spot".