The place

Smack in the middle of Oslo, next to the city hall, ancient Norwegian culture is being resurrected. This 1600 square meter digital museum takes it’s audience back more than a thousand years to witness a hyper realistic drama unfold.

“We made this project in a extremely short time. Without Blocks and our experience in custom solutions, this would not have been possible.”


The brief

The company behind the museum wanted to bring artifacts to life using modern technology. They also wanted a flexible system for their temporary events and exhibitions, allowing new content to be quickly incorporated and scheduled. The entire system had to be controlled by on-site staff using their mobile phones, controlling a large numbers of displays, projectors, interactive surfaces and 3D-mapped objects – including a hologram stage.

The project

System integrator Audioteknikk used PIXILAB Blocks, running on a local server, to program and manage the entire exhibition. Due to its modern, networked infrastructure, Blocks allowed content from various production companies to be ingested, updated and presented, while already completed parts could be reviewed by the client at the same time. For curved-screen projection and 3D projection mapping, Blocks also controlled several WATCHOUT players.


Installation: The Viking Planet
Integration: Audioteknikk
CEO Rasmus Ramstad
CD: Erik Gustavson
CDO: Odd Meling