The place

An innovative meeting place located in the industrial heart of Norrköping, Sweden, with exhibitions about work and everyday life, historically as well as today and tomorrow.


The brief

Owing to its focus on work and industry, the client asked for a very "physical" exhibition, while at the same time being interwoven with modern, digital aspects. The goal was to give young people a feel for running machinery, assisting customers and performing tasks under time pressure.

The project

The multitasking nature of Blocks, along with its display management capabilities, all triggered by physical objects, made it easy to deliver a complete package for running the exhibits. Advanced logic – combining internal variables with external inputs and touch screens – provided a solid and reliable foundation. As a bonus, the Blocks system now in place has plenty of headroom for future expansions.


Installation: Arbetets Museum
Integration: Kalmar Mediespecialist AB
Exterior Photo: Peter Holgersson