The place

The GS1 Smart Center lets you experience and learn about efficient trade and logistics. GS1 promotes standardization and use of barcodes and other systems of identification and communication throughout the world.


The brief

Provide a complete, interactive and immersive experience for the entire GS1 Smart Center, with all control functions made available through the hosts' mobile devices and touch screens throughout the facility. Integrate synchronized multi-screen animations, lighting, dynamic content and ultra-wide-screen shows. Personal control of speaker presentations. Manage the environment of several independent parts of the building, such as product demonstration rooms, offices, reception area and a complete conference centre.

The project

Content and display management for all screens, mobiles and interactive displays was provided using Blocks, which also controls architectural and special effects lighting, audio, a wide-screen WATCHOUT projection system and numerous other presentation technologies. The networked nature of Blocks enabled concurrent, multi-user access for programming and deployment. User interfaces for visitors and on-site staff were produced directly in Blocks, and made available using touch screens and mobile devices. Multi-level options were designed, supporting macro-level as well as fine granularity of control.


Installation: GS1 Smart Center
Integration: Audioteknikk
WATCHOUT production: Eyebrite