The place

Originally built for the 1889 World's Fair, this is one of the most iconic sites in the world. Being such a high-profile location, it has a huge number of visitors. It also has very stringent demands when it comes to security – with IT infrastructure being no exception.

The brief

The tower asked for a dynamic display and content management system, for enhancing the experience of the huge crowds visiting the tower every day. In addition to traditional advertising, the system should also carry safety messages and other on-demand information, as provided by the different departments of the tower management. Content were to be selected and started manually as well as scheduled in advance – including support for time-limited overrides for special occasions. The complete solution had to be managed and updated by the on-site staff through a simple, web-based interface. It also had to be compatible with and integrated into the tower's secure intranet.

The project

Using Blocks' intuitive drag-and-drop user interface – accessible from any computer on the internal network – content is generally arranged into slide shows, combining stills, video, alerts, messages and other content. As Blocks is based on standard web technologies, and uses well established network communications protocols, it was well understood and received by the demanding IT management team. Content presentation and playback is performed through numerous HD and 4K screens throughout the tower's 2nd floor. There's also a 10000×64 pixels WATCHOUT system. All is controlled by the on-premise Blocks server.


Installation: Eiffel Tower
Credits: Videmus