Waves video player

It is possible to use video players from Waves System (formerly known as ID-AL)

We have tested model VP 320, but one can expect the 330 and the Event-Player 380 works in a very similar way.

They come with a API that makes them remote controllable from Blocks (At time of writing no driver has been written)

This is what we noticed:

  • The VP320 remembers (stores) its Spot ID
  • The Spot resolution is limited by the browser to 1280 x 720
  • The VP320 successfully plays two Full-HD videos, it can also make a smooth dissolve between the same two videos inside a Slideshow block

The following preparations were necessary

  1. Update the firmware to 1.13 or newer
  2. Add the following files to an external memory card or USB stick (formatted as FAT or FAT32)
    • "000 [WEBS 1]" (this folder is empty)
    • "WWW" (this folder contains a file which must have the following name "web-config.json")
  3. Add the example content of the json file web-config.json"
    "websites": [
            "id": 1,
            "url": "https://pixi.guide/spot"

The file structure on the storage media should look something like this: