Viewing Logs in Webmin

When things don't work as expected, valuable information can often be found in various log files. Those exist as text files on the server itself, byt can be viewed remotely through webmin.

To view a log file, select "System Logs" under "System" in the menu on the left hand side. This shows a list of log files. Click the View button (outlined in red below) to view the log file of the BLOCK Server program. It is a possible to map any log to the webmin System Logs view by clicking "Add a new system log" button and configure the path to the log file and select the message type to log.

While viewing the log, you can specify that you only want to see log messages that include some specific text (such as the word ERROR), and to increase the number of lines shown.

:!: The method described above shows only the current log file. PIXILAB BLOCKS also archives several old log files in its "logs" directory, which may be useful when diagnosing events that happened in the past.

For general server errors, not specific to the BLOCKS Server program, it is sometimes valuable to check the "syslog" file in the same way. For example, if you run into trouble with the DHCP or DNS server, this log may reveal why.