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PIXILAB BLOCKS® is brand new software for producing and managing rich experiences for museums, exhibitions, visitor centers and corporate presentations. It features a unique mix of content and display management, control system capabilities, interactive presentation and mobile guide functions.


Server Computer


The server is at the heart of the Blocks system, catering to every aspect of your show.
Running on Mac, Windows or Linux, it connects to displays, players, mobiles, I/O-modules, wifi and other subsystems.


Server Computer


Produce your media content, control the room experience, create interactive presentations and build mobile guides.
All from your laptop over the network.

The new kid on the Blocks, challenging the conventional wisdom of what an audiovisual system can and should be. What would normally make up four different products Blocks fit into one.

The all–in–one–system.


From content production, all the way to the displays, BLOCKS takes care of the whole chain. Displays can be anything from phones, iPads and tablets, LCD displays, all the way up to huge LED walls. Touch displays add interactive dimensions. Content can be scheduled or called up on demand.


BLOCKS creates immersive, interactive presentations. Add buttons to control the presentation or its environment. Or use hidden sensors to trigger presentation aspects without any deliberate interaction at all. Presentations can be tailored to your visitors' needs in various ways. For instance, adapt on-screen content to the visitor's language.


Do you have power and lights to turn on, volume levels to control, video inputs to switch or sensors to sense? BLOCKS comes with a control system built in. Tasks can be triggered based on inputs or time of day, connecting to I/O subsystems including sensors, buttons and relays.


Personal mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, can be used to engage your visitors even more. A local wifi network lets visitors use their own phones, possibly augmented by some loaner devices. A numeric keypad, or a simple menu, establishes the proper location in a building, thereby presenting relevant content. Add some bluetooth beacons, to make the navigation even more seamless.

“Blocks is extremely versatile, gives a great end user experience, simple content editing and excellent developer tools.”


The square peg and the round hole.


The geometric shape of a square represents a Block; a collections of images, video, sound, interactive elements, tasks to perform and scheduled actions – all your production bits and bobs. Blocks can be used and combined in an endless number of ways; single, together or inside other ones. This makes for the most flexible architecture imaginable. Build your Blocks, drop them onto Spots and watch them play together. The square Block does indeed fit perfectly in the round Spot.


The geometric shape of a circle represents a Spot; objects and places where you want to show, interact with or experience something fun, interesting or beautiful. Spots can have displays for presentation or interaction, projections or large LED walls. A Spot can also be a complete theater, where you control projection as well as the rest of the room experience. Even your visitors’ own mobile devices can be used as spots for guide applications. Spots can sync with each other, be triggered manually, interactively or run on schedule.

PIXILAB Blocks 3 – What's New?

Blocks 3 is the next step in the evolution of our multi-disciplinary system, further enhancing its unique mix of display/content management, interactivity, mobile guide and control functions. 

PIXILAB Blocks 3 – What's New?

Blocks 3 is the next step in the evolution of our multi-disciplinary system, further enhancing its unique mix of display/content management, interactivity, mobile guide and control functions. 

New and noteworthy features:

  • PIXILAB Player can network-boot from the server, greatly simplifying set-up.
  • Direct configuration of displays and audio outputs for PIXILAB Player.
  • Drive up to six displays from a single player.
  • Server security expanded with full support for user roles and access permissions.
  • Secure connections and single-sign-on support (ActiveDirectory, OKTA, etc).
  • Tasks and Blocks can now be duplicated and copied/pasted.
  • Spots can use parameters for more flexible programming and control.
  • New scripting functions for sending emails, processing images, file access, etc.
  • Server based on the latest Ubuntu LTS version with several stability enhancements.

Watch videos here.


The Film village

At The Film Village you step into the world of Astrid Lindgren. Visit the homes of Emil in Lönneberga, Pippi Longstocking and other well known characters. Pixilab Blocks is used for the interactive presentations, display management and as a control system to enhance the room experience.

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Blocks Videos.

Get acquainted with Blocks through these short videos. They provide a gentle introduction to basic concepts and procedures.


Blocks Manual.

Learn all there is to know about Blocks. A comprehensive, 65-page book with plenty of illustrations.

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